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Do you want to lose weight without any extra effort?

Are you tired of fad diets?
I'll tell you something: A diets work!
The reality is that determination, the best training, the best diets are not enough. There's another aspect that most people underestimate when they want to lose weight...the subconscious! The subconscious pushes you to eat and you risk canceling all the hard work.
Have you ever heard about mind-body connection? You can strive to limit your food consumption but if you don't develop a healthy relationship of your mind with your body, losing weight can take a toll on your mental health, stressing you out and doing exactly the opposite of what you want. Meditation is the solution to help solve this problem Mind control is key to achieving your weight goals forever.
Inside the book you will find:
What is emotional eating?
How to reprogram your mind
Thirty days challenge to end emotional eating
Five ways to bust food craving
How to ensure the eating disorder never comes back
And much more....



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