Scott Blade - Jack Widdow 1-15

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Jack Widow
1. Gone Forever (2016)
2. Winter Territory (2016)
3. A Reason to Kill (2016)
4. Without Measure (2017)
5. Once Quiet (2017)
6. Name Not Given (2017)
7. The Midnight Caller (2017)
8. Fire Watch (2018)
9. The Last Rainmaker (2018)
10. The Devil's Stop (2018)
11. Black Daylight (2018)
12. The Standoff (2019)
13. Foreign and Domestic (2019)
14. Patriot Lies (2020)
15. The Double Man (2021)

Gone Forever (2016)
Jack Widow is an elite NCIS Agent. He's the guy sent to hotspots all over the world, undercover among the Navy SEALs. He investigates the kinds of crimes that no one wants to speak of. Until he is pulled off assignment after someone shot his sheriff mother in the head.

Now, in order to solve a very personal murder, Jack Widow is forced to return home to a town he hasn't seen in sixteen years. Taken-to-be a worthless drifter, Widow discovers more than his mother at her deathbed. He finds a distraught husband, a missing wife, and the small town of Black Rock, Mississippi, where the people harbor a horrifying secret that they will die to protect.

Good thing that Jack Widow will kill to find out what.


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