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How to dictate text at speeds of 120 words a minute - in less than 60 minutes!
What you'll learn
Everything you need to know about dictating text in less than 60 minutes
Dragon Professional
Dragon Home
Dragon Speak
A laptop and installed copy of Dragon Professional or Dragon Home
This is part 1 of 3 and covers how to install and configure Dragonsetup your profiledictate, format and delete textadd custom words and phrases to your Dragon vocabularythe difference between dictating text and commandsproof readingloading and safely closing DragonAlthough there are two more advanced modules available, this course covers what most people want to do - dictate text! - and you will be confidently doing this in less than 60 minutes.Dragon can seem a bit daunting when you first try it and I show you how to make this easier by focusing on three key voice commands - these are all you need to get started when dictating, and this can make it so much easier, because there is less to remember. You can then move on and add to your knowledge when you are ready. A good example of this might be adding words such as acronyms or unusual names to your vocabulary that are specific to the way that you write.The average typing speed is 30-40 words a minute - follow this course and you will be working three times faster!I'm excited to be able to say that the course has been accepted by Student Finance England and can be recommended for university students in the UK!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Setting up your user profile
Lecture 3 Quick setup guide
Lecture 4 Helpful hints
Lecture 5 Turning the microphone on and off
Section 2: Dictating text
Lecture 6 Dictating text
Lecture 7 Key command 1 - Correct
Lecture 8 Correcting recognition errors - modify the list
Lecture 9 Key command 2 - Capitalise
Lecture 10 Key command 3 - Click
Lecture 11 Bonus fourth command
Lecture 12 The Dictation Box
Lecture 13 Dictating punctuation
Lecture 14 Dictating times and dates
Section 3: What is a voice command?
Lecture 15 Dictating commands
Section 4: Adding to the Dragon vocabulary
Lecture 16 Adding words or phrases manually
Lecture 17 Analysing your documents
Lecture 18 Examples
Section 5: Proof reading
Lecture 19 Read That
Lecture 20 Play That Back
Lecture 21 Additional proof reading in Office 365
Section 6: Loading and Closing Dragon
Lecture 22 Loading and Closing Dragon
Lecture 23 Accuracy tuning
Section 7: What to do if things go wrong
Lecture 24 I'm unable to get Dragon to recognise a word or phrase
Lecture 25 I'm dictating but no text is appearing in my document
Lecture 26 The accuracy level has suddenly dropped - 1 check microphone
Lecture 27 The accuracy level has suddenly dropped - 2 run accuracy tuning
Lecture 28 The accuracy level has suddenly dropped - 3 add words to your vocabulary
Lecture 29 I have a strong accent and Dragon doesn't recognise what I am saying
Lecture 30 Dragon won't load
Section 8: Dragon and disabilities
Lecture 31 Dragon and dyslexia
Lecture 32 Dragon and arthritis
Lecture 33 Dragon and other disabilities
Section 9: Quiz and course summary
Lecture 34 Dictation example - a fun test
Businesses looking to improve productivity,University students with dyslexia,Office workers who cannot use a keyboard due to arthritis or RSI,Writers,Business Professionals


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