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B2B Sales Skill: Learn How to Handle the Most Common Sales Objections, Over the Phone and in Person!
What you'll learn
Learn directly from an ACTUAL Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company!
Master Objection Handling BOTH In Person and Over the Phone
Learn the Fortune 500 Framework to Handle Objections IN PERSON
Learn 5 Successful Pro Techniques for Handling Objections in Seconds OVER THE PHONE
This will PREPARE You for the 4 MOST COMMON Objections You'll hear from Your Clients
Get Examples on How to Handle the Main 4 Objections whether its's OVER THE PHONE or IN PERSON
BONUS Technique Included - How to Handle "YOUR PRICE IS TOO HIGH!"
Discover WHERE OBJECTIONS COME FROM and How to Sympathize with Your Client
Benefit from HANDOUTS Designed to Help You Customize Custom Objection Handling Scripts for Your Business
Never Be SURPRISED or INTIMIDATED to Get an Objection Again!
Handle objections with CONFIDENCE
You should have a sales job (preferably in Business to Business)
>> The fastest-growing Sales Training Series on Udemy! Learn directly from an actual Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company! The material inside is currently being taught at the highest level in the Fortune 500 sales space. You can't afford to miss this! <<********** Are you afraid of getting an objection in sales? Are you using the same method to handle objections over the phone and in person?In this part of SALES in 21 DAYS Program, all of your sales objections will be simplified. You will experience objections from clients in all aspects of your sales cycle. Each situation, whether it happens face to face or over the phone, you must use a different technique to handle them if you want to be successful. In this course we will cover where sales objections come from, how to handle them when the customer is in front of you, different techniques on how to handle them over the phone and even a technique on handling the price objection! You will leave this course with the materials ready to create custom objection handling scripts that will work for your business. Get ready to learn various sales techniques around the different scenarios you will receive objections, how to understand where your clients are coming from, and benefit from the objection handling materials that will be provided inside of the assignments section of the course! ********** Peter, VP of Sales said: "Derek's series on Sales are great on their own, but when taken together they make for a rounded experience covering the sales cycle in great detail. Derek is highly competent as a sales trainer, and while I've taken a lot of sales courses on Udemy, the courses by Derek stands head and shoulders above the rest."Scott says: "The instructor has a way of making the overwhelming task of handling objections seem achievable. He is very motivating!"Barbara says: "Another great course by Derek Shebby."Learn directly from a highly successful Fortune 500 sales coach who has trained hundreds of sales reps, sales managers and vice presidents in their sales careers. The sales strategies you will learn are still being taught in the sales training classroom today.
Section 1: Sales Objections Simplified Overview
Lecture 1 Welcome to Sales Objections Simplified
Lecture 2 Objection Handling Course Overview
Section 2: Understanding Where Objections Come From
Lecture 3 Understanding Where Objections Come From Overview
Lecture 4 Part 1: Where Objections Come From
Lecture 5 A Special Message from Derek
Lecture 6 Part 2: Questions Vs. Objections
Lecture 7 Part 3: The 4 Most Common Objections You'll Get!
Section 3: Dealing with Objections in Person!
Lecture 8 Dealing with Objections in Person Overview
Lecture 9 Part 1: When Would I Handle Objections Like This?
Lecture 10 Part 2: 6 Tips for Success (Handling Objections in Person)
Lecture 11 Part 3: In Person Objection Handling Framework (A-I-C-P-C)
Lecture 12 Part 4: In Person Objection Handling Examples (The 4 Most Common)
Section 4: Dealing with Objections Over the Phone!
Lecture 13 Dealing with Objections Over the Phone Overview
Lecture 14 Part 1: Different Objection Handling Techniques Over the Phone
Lecture 15 Part 2: 6 Tips for Success (Handling Objections Over the Phone)
Lecture 16 Part 3: Over the Phone Objection Handling Examples (The 4 Most Common)
Section 5: BONUS TECHNIQUE: Handling the Price Objection!
Lecture 17 How to handle the Price Objection
Section 6: Sales Objections Summary
Lecture 18 Sales Objections Closing Summary
Lecture 19 Podcast Details and Free Course
This course is for anyone in business to business (B2B) sales who wish to improve their objection handling skills!


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