Published 9/2022
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One little secret to blow up your Youtube channel
What you'll learn
Grow a Youtube channel very quickly
Earn revenue as a Youtube content creator
Learn why some Youtube channels blow up
Become a professional Youtuber
"hack" into the Youtube algorithm and make it work for you
some video editing / recording skill will be needed. this course doesn't teach the basics of video creation, it focuses on how to rapidly grow a Youtube audience
And it's actually rather simple. In-fact, this whole course is only 30 minutes long. That's all the time that I need to teach you exactly how to blow up a Youtube channel.Grow Your Youtube Channel in Months - Not Years!I have seen channels sit and do nothing for years, I have also seen channels start rocking up the views in just a few hours. If you're creating that kind of content that Youtube wants, you could see very fast results. Most people don't know this, heck, most Youtubers don't even realize WHY their channel is starting to get traction (after enough time hammering away) - they figure, they paid their dues, and finally Youtube is starting to notice them. To a degree that is accurate, but not nearly as large a degree as most people think.Youtube doesn't want to take forever to discover hot content that people want to watch. That is not how Youtube keeps it's viewership high.And just because you don't have any subscribers, or viewers right now, it doesn't mean that your channel can't get noticed.I found out the hard way - that it doesn't take years to grow a Youtube channel. If you hit it right, you can blow a Youtube channel in a month or two. It just takes Youtubers years to figure out -how- the Youtube algorithm works, and then take advantage of it. That is why a lot of channels take years to grow.Please Be AWARENot every channel idea will blow up on Youtube - some topics just don't have the kind of traction that others do. You won't, for example, find a massive Youtube channel on topics where there is very little general interest.There are two basic types of Youtube content. Evergreen content that may not get massive views right away, but will get searches and trickle-traffic for years to come.There is also trending content that can blow up right away, but usually burns out like a match after a few days or few weeks of making the rounds.Both types of traffic can be good - but we are going to focus on blowing up fast. And then, all you need to do, is continue creating relevant content to the niche that you've established.That's how you become a pro Youtuber.Look - you will need to put the effort in to video making. That is not something you can avoid, but if you are willing to create the content - you can earn some serious revenue on Youtube. Not everyone has the motivation to do what it takes, but if you're willing to put in a couple of months of solid effort - and if you use this course to help guide you along the way, becoming a professional Youtuber is more achievable than you may think!
Section 1: Cracking the Youtube Algorithm & Blowing Up Your Youtube Channel
Lecture 1 Introduction & Analyzing Why Some Youtube Videos Fail & Some Succeed
Lecture 2 The Importance of Niche & Topic Popularity
Lecture 3 Not all Video Topics are Created Equally
Lecture 4 The Importance of Timing
Lecture 5 Creating a Thumbnail & Title that Work
Lecture 6 The Importance of Watch Time Metric & Making Sure Yours is Optimal
Lecture 7 Putting It All Together
Lecture 8 Where to Get Video Ideas & Wrapup
beginner to advanced Youtubers who haven't quite figured out why some videos explode and (most) fall flat


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