ArchiCAD 17 Build 3002 & HOTFIX6 Build 5019 (Mac OS X)
Size: 710 MB + 295 MB

Using ArchiCAD, you will discover the benefits of architectural design in 3D- space , and get pleasure from the incredible freedom in their work. Based on deep knowledge of the architectural process , ArchiCAD building information model completely mimics the construction of real buildings. When solving any problems from urban planning and worked to details; from functional studies to complex structures - specialized tools ArchiCAD always available and easy to use, giving you complete creative freedom ..

In ArchiCAD, you see created by 3D- model of a building on which automatically generates all the necessary documents and images . The project develops and acquires a life on the screen simultaneously with the work of your thoughts , you can focus on creativity. Building Information Modeling is the most natural and intuitive approach to design and clarity thanks 3D- representation of projects , customers will be impressed with your creativity .
BIM- details

ArchiCAD 17 offers the best solution of all those present in the market today , a process aimed at creating a working document on the basis of BIM. These solutions significantly simplify the process of modeling and creating drawings , even at a very high level of detail of the project. Implemented in ArchiCAD through the process of working with the building information model allows to use it at all design stages . Support for new technologies is using Building materials having priority compounds requisites display and physical properties , as well as the automatic creation of intersections allow up to a whole new level of project documentation .
3D- design

ArchiCAD 17 includes a large number of innovations and improvements aimed at 3d- design, including large number of parameters and characteristics of the elements created tool MORF ???, recognized in catalogs and specifications , dynamic 3D- Plane sections , giving the possibility of additional control in the simulation 3D- space ArchiCAD. Enabling application BIMx in the installation package allows users to provide their customers with access to projects in an interactive way .
Open BIM

GRAPHISOFT Company continues to develop the direction of Open BIM using best -in-class cross-program interaction for architects and engineers . Using intelligent BIM- processes , errors arising from the interaction between the main CAD, can be reduced to almost zero before the start of the construction phase . ArchiCAD 17 continues to offer BIM- simplification of the process, including through integration with, as a result of the use of a fully functional application BIMx, and thanks to the fully built LEED- compliant solutions EcoDesigner STAR ???.
energy Efficiency Rating

Improvements were made and sold in ArchiCAD technology Energy Efficiency Ratings , now supporting a plurality of thermal blocks . This allows users to analyze designs in full compliance with applicable standards , and makes the most ekootvetstvennym ArchiCAD BIM- solution of all available on the market today .

ArchiCAD 17 includes revolutionary solutions based on the use of multi-threaded computing and to improve the processing speed to create large models. Advanced technology background processing provides quick generation of parts of any complexity. Optimized use of multicore processors provides significant performance gains when working with complex models . Improved Main graphics core that can achieve a smoother 3D- navigation when working with models of all sizes.

Installation Procedure:
1. Mount ArchiCAD 17 INT.dmg
2. Install the program by using "WIBU Key option
3. Go to Programs, click right mouse ArchiCAD
4. Mount ArchiCAD 17 b3002 Crack.dmg
5. Replace in ArchiCAD ArchiCAD file to the same file with ArchiCAD 17 b3002 Crack.dmg

ArchiCAD 17 b3002 Crack
1) Install using "WIBU Key option"
2) Replace the crack file in: / Applications / Graphisoft / ArchiCAD 17/ArchiCAD
Note: BIMx server is a different application and is NOT cracked.

Installation HOTFIX6 Build 5019 :
* Before installing the HOTFIX is highly recommended to backup ... Since this HOTFIX out not for all countries , but nevertheless, the Russian version of the program works after installing HOTFIX'a and after treatment procedure )
Attention! To install HOTFIX6 need to install itself ArchiCAD 17

Mount image AC17- 5019 -HOTFIX6-MAC.dmg
Run the installer and follow the instructions .

Replacing files
Includes instruction in English ( description - where and what files need to be replaced ) .
for ArchiCAD 17
/ Applications / GRAPHISOFT / ArchiCAD 17/ArchiCAD
for BIMx
/ Applications / GRAPHISOFT / ArchiCAD 17/Rasshireniya ArchiCAD / BIMx / / Contents / MacOS /
for EnergyEvaluation
/ Applications / GRAPHISOFT / ArchiCAD 17/Support/EnergyEvaluation.framework/Versions/A /
for MEP
/ Applications / GRAPHISOFT / ArchiCAD 17/Support/MEP.framework/Versions/A /


System requirements:
- Intel
- OS X Lion 10.7.0 or later
- Processor type (s) & speed: 64-bit Intel (Core 2 Duo and later)
- RAM minimum: 4 GB of RAM
- Video RAM: 256 MB
- OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card with on-board memory of 256 MB is required, 512 MB ??or more is recommended to fully exploit hardware acceleration capabilities.
- Resolution of 1024 x 768 is required. Resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher is recommended.

Supported OS: OS X 10.7.0 or later
Language: Multi
Treatment: Replace the files



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